Regardless of whether your house gets full sun, shade, or a combination of both, there are a number of stunning window box displays that you can create. Flower boxes are usually created based on sun exposure, but some people also make flower boxes based on the seasons, such as a fall harvest planter.

From flowering plants to trailing ivies and grasses, here are some great ideas to get started building a picture-perfect flower box.

Sunny Window Boxes

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 Many plants do well in direct sunlight, which means you’ll have a variety of colorful plants and flowers to choose from in this category. Since sun-loving plants are often seasonal species, you’ll be able to refresh your window box throughout the year, which is a great way to highlight the top flowers of the season.

As you select plants to get, consider the style and architecture of your home too. You may choose to use a traditional wooden trough-style planter or go with a few hayrack-style planters instead.

One attractive and delicious option for the spring and summer is an edible window box.

This can be accomplished with a mix of bright marigolds, miniature pepper plants, vine-loving tomato plants, and your favorite herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, and basil. The tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds will create a beautiful color display, while the herb plants add fragrance. You can even add them to your favorite spring and summertime meals.

Top care for a window box of this variety involves watering the box regularly to prevent it from drying out, especially on the hottest summer days. You can also add fish emulsion to the window box, which acts as a fertilizer and helps the plants and herbs grow.

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Another possibility, which is an elegant one at that, is to create a window box using the perfect garden soil and beautiful trailing flowers.

Trailing flowers look spectacular as they wind their way down to the ground from the house. While you can plant other sun-loving colorful plants in your yard, trailing flowers are ideal for a flower box higher up because they tend to be more delicate and can easily get trampled, succumb to insects, or be splashed by mud and other earthen debris.

A trailing window box can hold a nice mix of tried and true flowers, such as petunias, as well as more exotic flowers like the red chenille plant, which is originally a tropical plant and thrives in warm conditions during spring and summer.

The red chenille plant produces a dramatic fiery red blossom, which appears in a unique flower that resembles a fox’s bushy tail.

Another good choice for a trailing window box is a visually intriguing vine, such as a sweet potato vine or a creeping Jenny.

For a more toned-down flower, consider adding a black eyed Susan vine. This ornate vine produces orange, yellow, pale white or lightly colored purple and brown flowers. The flowers add a nice subtle color to the window box, which creates a nice tone between the brighter colors in the box and the greener vines.

Lastly, the picturesque Diamond Frost is another top choice for creating a stunning window box that features trailing plants and vines.

Shade Flower Boxes

Perennial window box ideasImage source: Pinterest

Even if your house isn’t bathed in sunlight, you can still produce a glorious window box and even dabble in indoor gardening with a dazzling array of species.

Plants that do well in shade and partial shade include a variety of perennials and annuals. You won’t be able to grow the most common and colorful flowers in a shaded area, such as verbena and marigolds, but nevertheless there are many other wonderful choices of flowers that will thrive in the shade and add just enough color to the surrounding area to brighten an otherwise dark and dreary area.

When planning a window box, consider getting some white and pastel-colored plants, which do the job of bringing color to the window box without being overpowering.

With a mix of annuals and perennials, you’ll get a nice combination of colors, and you’ll have a window box that takes you gracefully through the seasons. You window box should be enough to sate your gardening needs while you prepare your flower garden for spring as well.

Stunning coral bells are a great choice for a perennial flower, and their color can be magnified by adding a stunning annual, such as lobelia to the adjacent space.

Lobelia is a trailing vine with beautiful flowers that puts on a show in full bloom. However, it starts to fade in the warmer months of summer, which is a good time to add in a second annual like impatiens.

Impatiens are native to tropical climates, and they are popular choices for a part-sun, part-shade window box because of their variety of colors and the fact that they will bloom throughout an entire season.

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Another good choice for a shadier spot is begonia.

Begonias are both attractive and hardy, which makes them appealing choices as a shade plant. The most common types of begonias are wax begonias, which generally are white, pink, or red. Other kinds of begonias are tuberous begonias, which are noted for their dainty rose-like flower buds.

Along with their attractive flowers, begonias are popular, especially for beginner gardeners, because of their resilience. Begonias are known for their capacity to withstand moderate-level droughts. They are also quite adaptable and can grow in sun or shade.

Whether you use them alone or in combination with other flowers, orchids are another shade-dwelling plant to consider adding to your window box.

Orchids are a stunning choice, and they produce head-turning flowers in full bloom. Unlike begonias, however, orchids are considerably more temperamental. They thrive in temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and should be placed outside only in the late spring after the last frost has passed.

Orchids are naturally beautiful alone, so if you want to add another plant that won’t steal attention from them, shade-loving green plants like ivies and vines are a smart choice.

Seasonal Window Boxes

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Many gardeners use the changing seasons as an excuse to mix up their window boxes throughout the year. While most people focus on the spring and summer for flowers, fall can be a great time to showcase colors and edible plants too.

To create an autumn-inspired window box, dark leafy green kale and intriguing vegetables like gourds make for a stunning display. You can even keep the spring and summer’s color alive by adding in some colorful late summer and fall flowers too, such as chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums, or “mums” for short, come in a number of colors, including beautiful reds, golds, and yellows that are associated with fall. There are many varieties of mums to choose from, which in turn produces a varietie of colors and blossom shapes.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, mums are quite hardy, and their blooms will last for weeks. This makes them a perfect choice for keeping some of summer’s colors alive into the next season.