If you’re thinking of using solar power as your home’s new electricity source, you’ve probably heard all the cons. Setting up solar panels for the first time can be quite expensive, and is the main issue that prevents people from switching from traditional power sources.

However, there are plenty of benefits to a solar-powered home that offset the initial cost. If you have the time and money to invest in solar energy, the change will be well worth it. Consider these key advantages of choosing solar power for your home:

Solar power will help save money on bills

The costs of traditional power rise at an alarming degree every year – so saving money on your monthly power bill is sure to come as a welcome relief. Solar power, while costly to begin with, will save you money in the long run (it may not take any longer than five years for the benefits to outweigh the costs).

While you may not be able to rely on solar power for all of your energy needs, your power bill will still be significantly reduced. Some countries or regions offer homeowners tax breaks or incentives if they install solar panels, which will help with the initial setup costs.

It’s easy to find good-quality solar panels

If you purchase your solar panels from a reputable seller, they’ll generally come with a performance guarantee of about twenty-five years, so while they’ll still require a hefty initial cost, you can rest assured that you’ll make your money back in time. Your panels may last even longer than their warranty guarantees, too: with proper care, you could get upwards of thirty years’ use out of them from the date of their installation.

You can share solar power with your family and friends

Depending on your provider, you may be able to share your excess power with your friends and family. You can choose to sell power to your loved ones at a discounted rate or simply gift them some of your unused power, helping them to save money on their own power bills.

They may even consider making the switch to solar power too. Helping your loved ones become more environmentally friendly is sure to be an appealing prospect if you’re a bit of an eco-warrior!

Solar is the most eco-friendly home power source available

Image of men installing solar panels on a roof.

Considering the damage that many of our everyday actions cause to the earth, it’s refreshing to know there’s a way to minimise our impact when it comes to power usage. Solar power is the most eco-friendly home power option available, as it doesn’t cause greenhouse gas emissions or create harmful waste.

Solar power is also less invasive than other power sources such as wind farms. They are generally pleasant to look at, blend in well with their surroundings, and won’t disturb your neighbours with any sound. Apart from periods of fully cloudy days, solar power is reasonably reliable. You can generally expect to see the sun every day – so it’s unlikely to lose its status as an efficient, low-impact energy source. By using solar power, you reduce your carbon footprint, which is essential to preserving our earth’s future.

You can sell your excess power back to the grid

If your panels end up producing more energy than you’re able to use, you’ll likely be able to sell any excess back to a power provider – once you’ve sold or gifted some to your friends and family, of course! Once you’re connected to the grid, you’ll be able to start selling your power; shop around for the best rate, and enjoy not only saving money on your power bill but potentially making some too.

Maintenance costs for solar panels are low

Maintaining solar panels isn’t as expensive as you might think. The panels should be inspected and cleaned every six months, either by a professional or the homeowner. If your panels are kept in good condition, they’ll require little other maintenance. Compared to other home improvements, the long-term benefits of solar panels in addition to the low maintenance requirements means that they’re a great investment.

Solar panels add value to your home

Image of solar panels ont he roof of a house.

Wise homeowners stay on the lookout for new ways to increase the value of their homes. When it comes time for reselling, all assets will contribute to getting the best returns possible. Solar panels remain a major asset to modern dwellings, as the demand for solar power continues to grow.

As today’s homeowners become more environmentally-conscious, they are looking for houses that fit their values and make it easier to live eco-friendly lifestyles. Pre-existing solar panels helps future owners to save money on their own power bills without having to pay for installation. If already equipped with solar panels, your house is likely to appeal to buyers for the economic perks as well as the environmental benefits.

You’ll be setting a great example

By using solar panels, you’ll be doing your part to save the environment, but will also be setting a great example to your community. People tend to be more likely to try new things if they’ve already seen someone else succeed first. So, once you’ve adapted to your new solar panels, don’t be shy about telling people in your community about the benefits you’ve noticed. With any luck, more and more people will adopt the use of solar power, and as a society, we’ll make a serious improvement to our environment.

As climate change continues to cause problems for humans, animals, and our earth, we all need to do our part to reduce its impact. Switching to solar power is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. If you can justify the initial costs, you’ll be doing the earth a favour.

Solar power is likely to maintain its status as the best possible renewable energy source for homeowners for decades to come, so it’s an excellent long-term power option.

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