Moving can be difficult and is not something you usually look forward to, especially if you have lived in your place for a long time. If you own a home that you previously purchased on contract for deed, you have undoubtedly accumulated lots of stuff, and even if you live in small apartment, you probably have a lot of things you don’t frequently use. Thinking about organizing all of your belongings, packing them, loading them and ultimately doing everything in reverse just makes you tired.

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One important governor of your experience will be the preparation time you have. If you know that you need to move in six months, you have plenty of time to get organized and work hard for a smooth moving experience. If you are enduring a sudden job change that requires you to relocate to a faraway city in a hurry, this can create more stress, but either way, there are some things you can do to make this process easier.

Get a Plan

The first thing to do is plan the process. It can be divided into the following areas:

  • Take stock of your belongings.
  • Get rid of anything you don’t need.
  • Get organized to pack up one room at a time.
  • Think about the physical move and its implications.
  • Get some help.
  • Enjoy the journey.
  • Efficiently unpack and set up your new place.
  • Tie up the loose ends.

Let’s take these one at a time.

Take a Look

Take a careful look at everything you possess and try to unemotionally get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Do you really have to keep those three old computer monitors that you used in your small college apartment just in case your new one fails?

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What about that cheap electric guitar that never stays in tune? Do you actually want to move that second washing machine even though you think it saved you once while your new unit had to be repaired? Are those outdated college textbooks that important to you? Are you thinking of moving those annual plants that you have in plastic replaceable containers? You get the idea—reduce clutter and useless belongings.

Get Rid of It

We’re not saying you have to throw all of your unwanted items away. Instead, you can have a boot sale, a moving sale, an estate sale, place individual items on eBay, or give things away. As a last resort you can find a friendly recycling centre.

One at a Time

This is a key facet of your moving plans, and don’t minimize its importance. Take one room at a time, box it, pack it, stack it and organize it for the move. When you are done with one room, you can move to the next. This not only keeps your home from looking destroyed during the process, but it also can give you a great sense of accomplishment as you move from one room to the other. And if you don’t do the kitchen until the end, you will save lots of money on takeaways as you will still be able to have a functioning food preparation area until right before you move.

How Is It Going to Happen?

Look at your choices:

  • Standard move with a moving van company.
  • Container move.
  • Semi-trailer move.
  • Rent a truck.
  • Rent a trailer.

Carefully weigh and vet your moving choices. None of the above is necessarily right or wrong for any given situation. It may not be the end of the world to have to use a national moving van company regardless of what you read, but diligence from beginning to end of the process will make your move easier.

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Get Some Help

Realize that you will probably need some professional help along the way whether you do a DIY or purely professional move. Getting stuck on the basement steps with a big freezer staring at you is not a pleasant experience!

And if you’re downsizing significantly, be sure to carefully select your moving help. You do NOT want to pay for more than what you need, especially if you’re getting rid of a ton of your stuff.

Enjoy the Journey

When you are packed and begin to travel, enjoy the time you have because although you know that a big job awaits you on the other end, you can try to relax and appreciate the opportunity to take a road trip. Just think about all of the time you’ll have to kill while making your move. Driving is a great time to reflect on the time in your previous home and what you want for your life going forward.

Driving is also a great time for personal development. Whether you’re a reader or a listener, there are a ton of awesome options. Just think, this could be an awesome opportunity to catch up on some great real estate podcasts before you get to your final destination.

There are so many awesome content creators in the real estate industry that you’ll be somewhat of an expert before you know it. You might even consider a career change into the real estate industry after all of this learning! Either way, enjoy the ride and make sure you have all the necessary driving materials for your long trip.

Efficiently Unpack

Take as much care of the back end as on the front end. Try to place boxes in the rooms where they belong instead of in a big heap in the living room. Once everything is its proper space, unpack and set up one room at a time. Again, this will give you a nice sense of accomplishment as you see things begin to take shape.

Finish It Off

Finally, make sure you locate all utility cut-offs, circuit breaker boxes, Internet hubs and get yourself a security system. Find the nearest supermarket, and have your medical records transferred to your new providers.

Now, check out a new restaurant, relax, and enjoy your new city!


Author Bio Sam Radbil is the lead writer for ABODO Apartments, an online real estate and apartments marketplace with available apartments from Bloomington, Indiana to New York City. Their research and writing has been featured nationally in Curbed, Forbes,, HousingWire and more.


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