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Podcasts, also described commonly as on-demand internet radio talks, are increasingly becoming popular mediums used to share information about almost anything. These audio files (or video) are so effective in delivering information to their target audience that they’ve found their way in the world of property and real estate.

If you want to be successful in this industry, you probably know by now that being knowledgeable in all things real estate is a must. At the same time, you have to continue learning about the latest news, trends, laws, policies, and so much more.

Here are 20 of the best real estate podcasts.

The Best Real Estate and Property Podcasts

With that being said, here are twenty of the best property and real estate podcasts that are definitely worth subscribing to.

The Property Podcast Logo

The Property Podcast

Hosted by Rob Bence and Rob Dix, The Property Podcast talks about different topics related to real estate every week. What started out as a single, half-hour podcast has now turned into a huge online community with over 20,000 members.

Any new, aspiring, or veteran property investors will definitely learn a lot from these guys.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes (Apple devices), preferred podcast app (Android users).


Property Geek Podcast

The Property Geek Podcast

The same Rob Dix who co-founded The Property Hub, is the brain behind The Property Geek. You’re in for a treat if you’re looking for expert tips and advices on the different areas of investing in UK properties. So join Rob as he talks to different property experts and experienced investors in each episode of his podcasts.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes (Apple devices), preferred podcast app (Android users), listening directly from their website is also an option if you don’t want to subscribe.


This Week In Property Podcast

This Week in Property Podcast

Property and Online Marketing, The Power of Negotiation in your Property Business, Refurbishments: The Naked Truth, and a whole lot more of timely discussions with ALG, Richard Swan, and guests — this is what This Week In Property is all about.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes (Apple devices), preferred podcast app (Android users), podcast episodes are also downloadable from the website.


Your Property Podcast

Your Property Podcast

This series of podcast episodes is brought to you by the UK’s leading magazine for active property investors — Your Property Network Magazine. Hosted by Nina Hirons, she talks to some of the most knowledgeable property investors about different topics every week.

How to subscribe or download: Podcast App from the App Store, SoundCloud Subscription.


Hardcore Property Podcast

Hardcore Property Podcast

The host, Paul Mcfadden, has a wealth of experience in properties and a multi-million pound portfolio. Combine that with his brilliant guests and what you have are podcast episodes that are worth your time. Hardcore Property is worth a listen.

How to subscribe: preferred podcast apps for Android and Apple devices, you can also listen and download episodes directly from their website.


We Buy Houses Radio

We Buy Houses Radio

It’s inevitable that you will jump into challenges whether you are selling, buying a property, or an investor. We Buy Houses Radio with Rick Otton helps solve seemingly ‘unsolvable’ property problems both in the UK and Australia. He does this, along with his guests, by teaching you the fundamentals and strategies you need to complete property transactions.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play.


Singer Vielle CPD Accredited Podcasts

Singer Vielle CPD Accredited Podcasts

If you’re planning to invest in commercial properties, Singer Vielle is an excellent resource to get information about the state of the UK property market. The topics of their podcasts range from general topics of interest and relevance to industry-related themes. It’s also worth noting that Singer Vielle is an official Registered Provider with the CPD Standards Office.

How to subscribe or download: Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud.


Prop Tech Podcast

PropTech Podcast

PropTech or Property Technology, is a term used to collectively describe startups that offer technologically innovative products or new business models for the real estate market. It may be confusing to many and it actually can be. But, thanks to the podcasts hosted by Eddie Holmes and James Dearsley, those who are unfamiliar with proptech can now have a better understanding of what it is and how to use it.

How to subscribe or download: preferred podcast apps for Apple and Android devices, can also be downloaded and listened to on the website.


The Property Voice

The Property Voice Podcast

The Property Voice, founded by Richard Brown, started as a curated, property news feed service on the platform in 2013. Years later, it has grown into a place where people can listen to. It focuses on the latest and most relevant content about residential property investment.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Stitcher, PodBean, Player FM, can also be downloaded and listened to from their website.


New Era Property Podcast

New Era Property Podcast

New Era Property is hosted by Rick Gannon who is an experienced investor and trainer. It is aimed at property professionals who want to be inspired by successful people in the field. So learn and be inspire as he provide you with his weekly dose of hints and tips on the more practical aspect of the business.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Blubrry, Listen Notes.


Nicole Bremner Podcast

Nicole Bremner Podcast

Nicole Bremner, the host, is someone very similar to everyone else when she started — no experience in real estate. Seven years later and she has already built up a property portfolio of over 15 projects and counting. Join her as she interviews leaders and partners in the industry which should provide everything you need to know to succeed.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, SoundCloud, Player FM, can also listen to from their website.


Inside Property Investing Podcast

Inside Property Investing Podcast

Hosted by Mike Stenhouse, Inside Property Investing is a weekly podcast that features interviews with active UK property investors and service providers. What’s nice about listening to the podcasts on their website is that it’s easy to find what you’re specifically looking for. That’s because the podcasts are categorised as Buy to Let, HMO, Rent to Rent, Serviced Accommodation, etc.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, can also be downloaded and listened to from their website.


Progressive Property Podcast

Progressive Property Podcast

Anyone who wants to know how to become a successful property investor will learn a lot from Peter Jones, host and an experienced investor at the same time. Regardless if you’re new or you consider yourself a veteran in the industry, Progressive Property Podcast has an great episodes just for you.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Stitcher.


The Coreco Property Podcast

The Coreco Property Podcast

If you want to hear the latest in the world of mortgages, property, and the general financial world, the Coreco Property has got you covered. Andrew Montlake, Founding Director and spokesman of one of London’s leading mortgage brokerages (Coreco Mortgages), talks about many different property-related topics on each episode.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, SoundCloud, can also be downloaded and listened to from their website.


Venture Property Podcast

Venture Property Podcast

Lincoln-based property investor and developer Ryan Carruthers, his Venture Property Podcast is pretty new in the world of podcasts. As mentioned on his website, he hopes that people who will listen to him and his guests will like an honest approach when it comes to spreading information about properties.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Player FM, can also be downloaded and listened to from their website.


Henry Pryor

Henry Pryor‘s Podcast

‘The BBC’s favourite property expert’, Henry Pryor is one of the UK’s leading commentator. He has been talking about property-related topics in mainstream media since 2007. From buying and selling property, prices of houses in London, issues landlords face, and a whole lot more — he knows them all and is willing to share his knowledge to you.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Player FM.


Inside Property

Inside Property (with Richard Blanco)

Inside Property is a monthly podcast presented by Richard Blanco in collaboration with the National Landlords Association is what this is all about. Aside from timely updates that are relevant to the private rented sector, he also dives into specific subjects such as buy-to-let, managing maintenance and repairs successfully, landlord-tenant relations, etc.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Audio Boom.


Inside Housing Podcast

The Housing Podcast (Inside Housing)

This podcast is produced by the UK’s leading social and affordable housing publication, Inside Housing. The most recent podcast features an interview with David Orr, the outgoing chief executive of the National Housing Federation. Here, he talks about Britain’s homelessness problems and what’s being done about it.

How to subscribe or download: SoundCloud, can also be downloaded and listened to from their website.


LBC Property Podcast

LBC Property Podcast

The LBC Property Podcast is a weekly call-in show hosted by veteran broadcaster Clive Bull. The episodes are aimed to anyone who’s interested in the idea of a fast-moving property market. The long list of guests include Russell Quirk, CEO and founder of eMoov; Ed Mead, founder of Viewber; Andrew Montlake, director of mortgage brokerage at Coreco; and other known personalities in the industry.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Player FM, can also be downloaded and listened to from their website.


Real Estate Guys Radio

Real Estate Guys Radio

Hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategies Russell Gray. Real Estate Guy Radio has been broadcasting weekly on conventional radio since 1997. They’ve already joined the podcast club and is actually one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on iTunes.

How to subscribe or download: iTunes, Android, YouTube


Do you listen to a real estate podcast that you think should be added to the list? Or are you a host of one of the best real estate podcasts that hasn’t been mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!


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